Tony Kelly

Tony Kelly

Tony Kelly


A riot of colour, a lick of gloss and a touch of irony – welcome to the sunshine-drenched, palm tree-filled world of fine art photographer Tony Kelly.

Born in Dublin, Ireland, in 1975, Tony cut his teeth as a photojournalist, capturing the bourgeoning celebrity culture that sprung up in a city ecstatically embracing a new found affluence.

Tony’s voracious appetite for blue skies and sun-drenched panoramas drew him to Barcelona. Here he embraced the "street voyeur" within. His quirky spin on daily life and cultural idiosyncrasies surrounding him quickly became his distinctive signature style

His sense of place acts as a constant stimulus. Shot in the open-air, bathed in golden tones, his work exudes vitality and explosions of vibrant colour. The rich surface-palate masks an often darkly humorous commentary on the ideals of beauty, celebrity and art.

Today, Tony is based in Los Angeles; a destination that is uniquely fitting for an aesthetic journey that drew him to work in locations as diverse as Rio De Janerio, Africa and the Middle-East. He now inhabits an environment that excites his artistic energies like none other.

His portraiture embodies a kind of crystalline, shiny, sexiness that demands the viewers’ attention. The provocative honey-limbed bodies that inhabit many of his images remain perfect as the world around them goes rogue. The images capture not only the moment but embody the energy of experimental, unpredictable shoots.

Tony Kelly's productions are renowned for their theatricality and spontaneity. His natural enthusiasm persuades his subjects to step out of their comfort zone, while his high-octane pace allows him to negotiate extravagant sets and imaginative tableaus. It's juicy and exuberant and perfectly suited to the contemporary publications and progressive high- end galleries that exhibit his work.

Tony has released two publications to date, Tony’s Toys and Taken!